Spinal Screenings

Spinal Screenings chiropractor with patient

Dr. Gallagher offers spinal screenings in Palm Harbor. Dr. Gallagher demonstrates the role posture plays in your everyday health, as well as, discusses your healthcare options. Our Palm Harbor chiropractic team is here to help.

Spinal Screenings in Palm Harbor

The most common screening tool is called a SAM short for, Spinal Analysis Machine. The SAM uses two separate scales, one for each foot, which demonstrates how evenly you carry yourself from side to side. An imbalance in weight lets us know that you are not standing straight. When these imbalances occur, it is like when your car is out of alignment, there will be abnormal wear on the tires. When you have abnormal wear on your joints, it will lead to painful, arthritic conditions, though the process will take many years before you feel the pain.

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