Wellness Coaching

wellness coaching

Dr. Gallagher's holistic approach to health will help you experience everyday life on a whole new level in Palm Harbor. Through proper body alignment and stress reducing exercises and strategies, you will be better equipped to adapt to the world around you. Our Palm Harbor chiropractic team is here to help.

Wellness Coaching in Palm Harbor

In today's world we have an obesity epidemic, so Dr. Gallagher has started helping his clients with weight loss and health lifestyle choices. He uses a trusted, homeopathic treatment that, when accompanied by a low calorie, anti-inflammatory diet will enable you to lose a significant amount of weight (20-25 lbs.) and inches, as well as, provide a powerful boost to your immune system in a short period of time.

You will also learn easy steps to create a lifestyle that will help you to keep those pounds and inches off. Dr. Gallagher himself recently lost 26 lbs. while on this treatment. Through his strategic alliances with personal trainers and dieticians, he will also help you find the people that will give you your greatest benefit.

Call Palm Harbor Chiropractic & Wellness Center today at (727) 789-0800 and discover how you can benefit from this holistic, team approach.

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